About Us


Few Dictums about ApnarBazar.Com

We are an online shop in Dhaka Bangladesh. We accept time is significant to our fellow Dhaka occupants, and that they should not need to waste hours in rush hours traffic, valiant cruel climate and hold up in line. That’s why we presenting ApnarBazar.Com, Where everything comes easy.

Our Mission and Vision:

We have commitment to stick to our organization’s qualities which implies our items experience our vigorous quality check to give you the highest quality items.

Moreover, we know how important affordability is and therefore we make our prices so that everybody can reap the benefits that come with our products due to our attention to detail and consistency. Validity is important to our success and we mean it when we make the Apnar Bazar ensure.

ApnarBazar.Com is an online shopping place for anything and everything you need to run your home, office or factory.

It brings the best of products at the best value delivered right at your home, office, factory or business premises.

Our product categories currently include:
  • Grocery & Essentials.
  • Baby Care.
  • Beauty & Health Care.
  • Home Care.
  • Office Products.
  • Home Appliances and adding more every month …
Product sourcing:

We collect our product directly from the companies. Recently we source our products from these companies.

  • Square Food & Beverage Limited.
  • Square Toiletries Limited.
  • Reckitt Benckiser (Bangladesh) Ltd.
  • Nestlé Bangladesh Limited.
  • Unilever Bangladesh Limited.

We are trying our level best to collect authentic product from the authorities company. We do not collect product from the third party. We ensure that our product is 100% authentic and BSTI authorities that we take from the mother companies.